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daily_exercise's Journal

Daily Account of Exercise
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All Members , Moderated
This community is to track your exercise, exercise goals, and whether or not you met those goals.

This community is not an eating disorder focused community, but those with eating disorders are welcome, as are those without one.

The concept of this community is to help eachother meet our exercise goals, to be happy for eachother when we do, and to support eachother when we do not.

How it works:
Make your Intro post using the Intro Post form below
Each day make a post that tells us about your exercise for the day. Be sure to specify in the subject line if it was a good day or a bad day.
For every day that you meet your goal (a good day) I will add a number by your name.
For every 10 days that you meet your goal you will receive a gold star by your name. (Image hosted by Photobucket.com)
At the end of each three month period I will erase the totals, stars, and announce the winner(s).
You are welcome to join at any time, even at the end of a three month period.

The rules:
1. Always specify in the subject line if it was a "Good Day" or a "Bad Day".
2. No trolling, harassing, generic meanness, calling someone fat (unless they say something like "Someone tell me I'm fat to motivate me"), or talking off subject in posts (comments are fine)
3. You MUST remain active, there is no point in joining if you do not plan to update. If you are going to be inactive for awhile (vacation, break from the computer, etc.) please let me know, or let me know when you return and I will add you back.
4. Comment to people, be supportive, we all want encouragement so offer it in return!
5. Don't forget your Intro post.

Intro Post:
Goal Weight:
Exercise Plan:


(00) 85lbs
(00) __insipiration
(00) __laurenc
(00) _bodysculptor
(00) _staystrong
(00) deliriumkink
(00) dyermaker
(00) fivecandles
(00) healthy_sarah
(00) imperfect_doll
(00) kate_marie_b
(00) kiota
(00) le_votre_cesoir
(00) lil_tinkerbelle
(00) marila
(00) mer7777
(00) mygoalsfor2005
(00) plastique___
(00) saladmeister
(00) secretgrrlness
(00) slim_mish
(00) smittenxlove
(00) venimeuse
(00) xxohxx
(00) your_blood_lust

This community is the sister community to daily_intake. curioussquid is the maintainer of that community, and I got the idea for this community from her. If you are also trying to keep your intake in check you should check out that community. If you are banned from daily_intake for harassment or trolling you will not get a warning here before being banned.