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the mod seems to have disappeared, her journal hasn't been updated in ages.
so, my question is, if i were to create a community similar to this one, that would actually be updated and stuff, would anyone be interested in joining?

Exercise 7 days a week too much?

I was wondering, is it better to exercise for an hour seven days a week or is it better to take one rest day? I usually do one hour of Tae-Bo every day but then I'm afraid i might be doing too much strain to my body?

I was also wondering if the amount of sweat you release also indicates the intesity of your workout. I'm kind of doubtful about this observation I made because some days I would try to work really hard but I won't sweat that much yet on other days when I don't put any extra force into it I sweat like a thunder cloud! And I do all my workouts inside so I am pretty sure the temperature is always consistent. THANKS
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New! Good Day

Name: Alex
Age: 22
Sex: female
Weight: 134 lbs 5 feet 5 inches tall
Goal Weight: Anywhere in the 120's are numbers I am down with staying in
Exercise Plan: To run or do the equivalent of between 5-6 miles at least five to six days a week, maybe increasing eventually.
Goals: To stay healthy and fit
Comments/Questions: Nice to meet you all :)
Here I am

I'm not so depressed as I appear in my picture :)
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Intro Post

Hii im new

Name: Jo-anna
Age: 23
Sex: female
Weight: 95 kgs
Goal Weight: 65 kgs
Exercise Plan: work out 1 - 3 hours a day
Goals: To lose 30 kgs and stay healthy
Comments/Questions: what exercisers do you enjoy/do to burn the max amount of fat?
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good day

good day
treadmill - 30 minutes
stairmaster - 1 hour
lower body - 30 minutes
total: -750 cals

i still feel like i could have done better though.

i'm gone to south carolina for two weeks, but i'll update when i get back!
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