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Intro Post

Hii im new

Name: Jo-anna
Age: 23
Sex: female
Weight: 95 kgs
Goal Weight: 65 kgs
Exercise Plan: work out 1 - 3 hours a day
Goals: To lose 30 kgs and stay healthy
Comments/Questions: what exercisers do you enjoy/do to burn the max amount of fat?
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"To lose 30 kgs and stay healthy"

you do realize that is the hugest contradiction in terms?
how so? once i've lost the 30kgs i want to keep it off and stay healthy
LMAO, i am a retard, i read the kgs as pounds, and was going to say that is a ridiculously unhealthy weight.

Sorry, forgive me! :)

Good luck! Do you intend to work out every day of the week or have you planned for rest days? Coz rest days very important for muscle regeneration.

Long-duration aerobic exercize at about 60% of your VO2 max is the best for fat loss. You should aim for a minimum of 40 minutes per session. Are you a amember of a gym?

I can't really recommend a specific exercize because I don't know if you are just starting out/what your current level of fitness is, but you really cant beat jogging or cross-trainer machines at the gym for fat loss.
Thanks! yea im an Aussie so we dont weigh in pounds :)
I have an exercise bike and a stepper machine at home, i hate working out in front of people haha