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Outstanding Day :)

After slacking off the past couple weeks I had Alissa kick my butt and motivate me.
I did;

5 minutes cross-trainer
3/10 "tree huggers" at 10 lbs.
3/10 shoulder presses at 15 lbs. on fm machine
3/25 bench squats (two sets w/ 10 lb. medicine ball)
3/15 ball squats
3/10 standing on bosu and using fm machine for bicep curls
3/10 using t-bar
4/10 doing rowers on alternate legs using fm machine
3/20 walking lunges
3/10 tricep dips (using lower bench with straight legs)

For the life of me I just couldn't feel some of the crunches she had me do. But I did feel the ones on the mat and I did some of those. I also did;

bent knees off the ground and side to side touch
knee up and in while on bosu
crunches with feet straight up in the air
side crunches on bosu bringing bent legs up

Some of these exercises don't really have names and my trainer was inventive so she made some of the exercises up as she went or modified others.
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